FDF Annual Meeting was held on November 2 and 3 in Gro ß-Umstadt FD, Germany.

At this meeting, experiences and news from the forest industry were exchanged with the other organizers of the FDF trade fairs.
In the picture on the left: Stefan Meier KWF, Tapio Hirvikoski FinnMETKO, Klas Brandt Elmia, Helga Böhle KWF, Richard Lachèze Euroforest, Natacha Carré Euroforest.
The management team of Asturforesta participated in the meeting telem atically, attended by: Marcos Da Rocha (Director of Asturforesta), Manuel Fernández (Organization Secretary), Alejo Miguélez (Forestry Engineer) and Ana Pérez (Administration Secretary).
The next annual meeting will be held in Finland in 2022.

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