Organisational Structure


The organising committee of Asturforesta brings together all the representatives from the forestry sector in the Principality of Asturias. The committee is charged with setting the general guidelines to be observed in the preparation and execution of the fair, and will specifically analyse the market strategy to be followed, drawing up plans for the continued development of the fair. The Committee is responsible also for appointing the members of the safety and security committee.

The Asturforesta organizing committee is comprised by:

Honorary Committee:

President: Javier Fernández Fernández, President of the Principality of Asturias.

Vice-president: María Jesús Álvarez González, Regional Minister for Rural Development and Natural Resources of the Principality of Asturias.


Executive Committee:

President: José Antonio Ferrera Rubial, Head of Forestry Policy, Principality of Asturias.

Vice-president: José Ramón Feito Lorences, Mayor of Tineo.

Asturforesta Director:  Marcos Da Rocha Rodríguez, Forestry Councillor, Tineo.

Asturforesta Organisation Secretary: Manuel Benigno Fernández García, Financial Officer, Local Development Agency, Tineo.

Secretary: Ana Pérez Álvarez, Local Development Agency, Tineo.

Forestry Advisor:  Alejo Miguélez Puerto, Technical Forester, Tineo.


Committee members:

Dictinio Belloso Uceda, Head of Forest Planning and Management Services.

Juan Garrote Haigermoser, Forestry Officer.

Fernando Villabella Patallo, Secretary of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Oviedo.

Susana Martínez Prieto, President of Asmadera (Association of Forestry and Wood Product Enterprises of Asturias).

César Pérez Álvarez, President of UCOFA (Union of Forestry Co-operatives of Asturias).

Eduardo Rojas Briales, Dean and President of the Professional Association of Forestry Engineers of Asturias.

María del Pilar Avizanda Cuesta, Dean and President of the Professional Association of Technical Foresters of Asturias.

Iván Castaño Fernández, President of the Forest Owners Association of Asturias.

Eugenio García Rodríguez, Head of Emergency Services, Principality of Asturias.