Art. 0. ORGANISING COMMITTEE.-  Local Development Agency.  Tineo Local Town Council. Polígono Industrial La Curiscada, 33877 Tineo, Asturias (Spain).

Art. 1. DATES & DURATION.-  Asturforesta will be held in Tineo’s Monte Armayán on 20th, 21th and 22th June 2019. In the event of exceptional circumstances or force majeure, dates and location may be subject to change without any compensation whatsoever being due. The exhibition grounds will be open to the public from 10:00h to 20:00h, except for Saturday 22th, when the fair will close at 18:00h. Circulation of vehicles is strictly forbidden within the exhibition grounds during opening hours.

Art. 2. DISTRIBUTION.-  The exhibition grounds comprise three different exhibition areas:

A. Outdoor section. Open air plots with a depth of 10 metres and length (front) of 5 metres and above.
B. Indoor section. Section comprising 5×5 metre tents (Jaimas) with variations as detailed in the table below.
C. Demonstration section.

The Fair will have two areas for the realization of demonstrations of the machinery and the elements will be seen: . Demonstrations on the plot itself. The conditions of this area will be varied to allow the realization of all types of forestry work. The exhibitor who wishes to make a sample type of his machinery must be indicated on the registration form, indicating the type of machinery to be used and the conditions for said demonstration. . Demonstrations on the plot enabled for that purpose. The conditions of this area will be varied to allow the realization of all types of forestry work. The exhibitor who wishes to make a sample type of his machinery must be indicated on the registration form, indicating the type of machinery to be used and the conditions for said demonstration.

Art. 3. FEES.-

3.1.-  Prices and fees.

SIZE (M) AREA (M2) PRICE (excl. VAT) (€)
Exhibition Plots (outdoor section)
5 x 10 50 368,95 €
10 x 10 100 491,98 €
15 x 10 150 609,76 €
20 x 10 200 860,97 €
25 x 10 250 983,96 €
30 x 10 300 1.229,95 €
35 x 10 350 1.352,95 €
40 x 10 400 1.475,94 €
+40 >400 3,47 €/m2
Jaima without platform 5 x 5 25 614,98 €
Jaima with platform 5 x 5 25 1.045,43 €
Jaima, platform, stand (indoor) Jaima 5 x 5 – Stand 4 x 4 Jaima 25 – Stand 16 1.353,00 €
Bar/Restaurant plot 35 x 10 350 1.352,95 €
Electricity connection, outdoor plots (3 days) 220 V / 380 V 159,91 €/ 233,63 €
Admission Ticket 1 day


/ Groups (min. 15 people)

10,91  €

5,45  €

10 € person

Catalogue advertising rates 1/4 page – colour 209,30 €
1/2 page – colour 367,74  €
1 full page in colour 532,60 €
Cover in colour 1.500,00 €
Inside cover – colour 1.350,00 €
Back cover – colour 1.250,00 €
Inside back cover – colour 1.050,00 €
Web page advertising Banner de 120 x 60 400,00 €
Banner de 70 x 30 200,00 €
Advertising on reverse of tickets 400,00 €

3.2.- Specifications

Advertising: In the event that both for the advertising insertion in the Fair magazine in the options of interior cover, interior back cover, outer back cover and advertising insertion on the back of the tickets, there is more than one company interested, it will be resolved by application date. For the insertion of advertising in the tickets of the Fair the maximum period of application will be until January 30, 2019

Jaime a cone-shaped tent

The price of the tent includes:

+ Electricity connection and use. For outdoor plots, this includes cabling and connection from the electricity points to the plots, as well as electricity used.

+ The right to carry out machinery demonstrations.

+ Use of conference rooms for video projections, talks relating to exhibited products, etc. (subject to availability and at the discretion of Asturforesta).

+ Use of all facilities (business rooms, water points, etc.) and free parking.

+ Night-time security.

+ Fair catalogue.

+ The price of the plot includes all services for tents, with the exception of electricity connection (optional)

+ Admission ticket gives access to all fair infrastructure as well as talks, demonstrations, etc.

3.3.- Management rules

The public price is accrued when the reservation request of the stand that initiates the action is approved. It will be necessary for the application to communicate a bank account number to collect it. The processing of the application will not be continued without the provision of the information required in the application form. Once the license for the installation has been granted, the interested party will be notified and at the same time the public price will be liquidated and the resulting amount will be invoiced in the account indicated by the applicant. The non-payment or return of the settlement once your billing has been turned down will be understood as a waiver to participate in the Fair.     Once the stand has been awarded and the resulting settlement has been paid, if the latter waives the right to exhibit at the Fair, or does not attend the Fair for causes attributable to it, he will be entitled to a percentage refund according to the following detail:     Application with more than 30 days before the fair, return of 75%     Application with more than 20 days before the fair, 50% refund     Application with more than 10 days before the fair, return of 25%     If the cancellation or non-attendance occurs within 10 days prior to the fair, you will not be entitled to a refund.     When the participation does not occur for reasons NOT attributable to the taxpayer, and justified by submitting the appropriate documentation that gives truth to the reason, will proceed to the refund of the amount paid.


3.4) Client Invitations – Exhibitor Badges – Parking Passes.
Depending on the size of the plot or stand hired by each exhibitor, client invitations, exhibitor badges, parking passes and vehicle access to stands will be assigned free of charge as follows:

Plot/stand  size (Front Length) Exhibitor Badges Parking Passes Vehicle Access to stand
5 m. 5 2 0
10 m. 5 2 1
15 m. 6 3 1
20 m. 6 3 1
25 a 30 m. 7 4 1
40 m. 7 5 1
50 a 60 m. 10 6 1
70 m. 12 7 2
>= 80 m. 12 8 2

3.5.- DISCOUNTS.    

 A) DISCOUNT FOR FIDELITY OF THE EXHIBITOR.     Those exhibitors who have participated in at least 3 of the last 4 editions, will enjoy a priority space reservation and will have a DISCOUNT of 10%, to be applied to the total price of the stand, calculated before discounts.   

B) DISCOUNT FOR PROMOTION OF THE FAIR.     The exhibitor that, with its mediation, incorporates a new display in Asturforesta will have a DISCOUNT of 10%, which will be applied to the total price of the stand, calculated before discounts. The new exhibitor must have a CIF different from the mediator, have not attended any of the last 3 editions and, occupying a different stand of the mediator, hire a minimum of land and jaima.     

C) DISCOUNT PER PLOT SITUATED IN THE NEW EXHIBITION AREA. For those exhibitors who transfer or request their plot in this new exhibition area (according to the attached map), they will have a discount of 40% on the total price. Plots that are located in the usual exposure area will not be affected by this discount. (to obtain the discounts in advertising and / or electrical energy, you must have more than 50% of the area contracted in this area)     

D) DISCOUNT FOR DEMONSTRATIONS IN A COMMON AREA. Those exhibitors wishing to carry out demonstrations in this common area, in order to benefit from the 20% discount, must notify the organization before April 1, the date and time of the scheduled visit, in order to disseminate it correctly in the catalog. Asturforesta. Demonstrations in this area will have a minimum duration of half an hour, with a daily requirement to obtain the discount.     

E) DISCOUNT FOR DEMONSTRATIONS ON OWN PLOT. Those exhibitors wishing to carry out demonstrations on their own plot, in order to benefit from the 5% discount, must notify the organization before April 1 of the date and time scheduled for the demonstration, in order to disseminate it correctly in the Asturforesta catalog. 

Asturforesta will check that the demonstrations are held, if not, the discounts collected in sections D) and E) will be withdrawn.

Outdoor Plots: Only forestry-related products are allowed: machinery, tools, accessories, protective clothing, etc. Indoor stands: Consulting, institutions, forestry tools.


The organising committee will take out and bear the costs of an insurance policy covering the risks of fire, explosion, theft and damage of equipment as a result of weather-related events, including civil liability cover. Theft insurance will cover only instances of theft occurring outside opening hours; security over the plot and/or tent will be the responsibility of each exhibitor during opening hours. In order to be fully covered by this insurance policy, exhibitors must provide a full inventory of all products and equipment to be exhibited, together with the value thereof, before 30th April.


6.1.- Fire Prevention. No fires allowed within the exhibition grounds. Disposal of waste fluids such as fuel, oil, etc. is strictly forbidden. Exhibitors carrying out machinery demonstrations must be equipped with fire extinguishers.

6.2.- Safety. The exhibition of any products which might pose a threat to the safety of visitors, staff or exhibitors is strictly forbidden. Any exhibitors wishing to carry out demonstrations must have the necessary safety systems in place for protection of the public. Exhibitors will be responsible for any harm or damages caused to visitors, the organisation or other exhibitors, especially within their own demonstration plot, due to fault or negligence. Exhibitors must have their own safety staff, and a liability insurance with a minimum cover of 150,253.03 Euros.

The organization reserves the exclusive supply of tents and electricity supply for security reasons. Exceptionally, corporate tenders will be authorized upon request of authorization and examination by the organization.

6.3.- Inspection. Asturforesta nevertheless reserves the right to inspect exhibitor stands and demonstration plots at any time, and to require exhibitors to either withdraw certain products or put in place any safety measures as the organisation may see fit.

ART. 7. ADMISSION AND PAYMENT.- The procedure to be followed by exhibitors for renting a plot and/or stand and any additional services will be as follows: An official application form will be issued by the fair organisation to all those interested in participating. The application must be duly filled in and sent back to the Organising Committee by 30 APRIL 2019. Once the organisation receives the application form, it will act as follows (Local Regulation NF 400):

A) Payment will be due once the application for rental of the relevant stand is approved. The application must specify a bank account number, from which payment will be taken. Failure to specify such bank account number on the application form will mean that the application will not be processed. Once the application is approved, the applicant will be informed and an invoice and payment request will be sent to the bank account specified by the applicant. Failure by the bank to release funds in payment of the relevant invoice and request will be taken to mean that the applicant no longer wishes to take part in the fair.

B) Once the plot and/or stand has been assigned and payment made, if the applicant were to withdraw from participating in the fair or was unable to attend for reasons pertaining to the applicant, a refund may be issued in the amounts specified in the mentioned Local Regulation NF 400.

C) If participation in the fair were to be cancelled for reasons NOT attributable to the exhibitor, a full refund of the amount paid will be given, subject to submission of the relevant documents supporting such non-participation.

ART. 8. TRANSFER OR SUBLETTING. Partial or total transfer or subletting of the stand and requested services to a company other than the registered participating company is strictly forbidden. Nevertheless, in the event of similar or complementary activities, ASTURFORESTA may, upon request of the registered party, authorise partial or total transfer of the contracted plot or stand.

 ART. 9. SETTING UP OF THE STAND. Participants may start setting up their stands from 08:00 onwards on 10 June 2019. Setting up times are from 08:00 to 22:00, and no materials or equipment will be allowed on site outwith these times.

 ART. 10. WITHDRAWAL OF PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT. Withdrawal of exhibition materials cannot be carried out before 21:00 on Saturday 22 June 2019. Breach of this condition will mean that the company in question will not be allowed to participate in subsequent editions of the fair.

 ART. 11. SECURITY SERVICES. The Organising Committee will provide security services from the moment setting up can first be started and until all plots and stands have been taken down, to ensure the safety of materials and items at the site. The cost of such security services will be borne by the organising committee. This service will provide security during times when the fair grounds are closed to the public, and it will be the responsibility of each exhibitor to guarantee the security of their own plot and/or tent during opening times. For the duration of the fair, and during opening times, security services will be available in common areas and for the purposes of maintaining law and order. The organising committee will likewise bear the cost of such services.

 ART. 12. TELEPHONE SERVICES. The Organising Committee will make available telephone and photocopy services for all exhibitors.

 ART. 13. CLEANING SERVICES. The organisation will be responsible for cleaning of halls and common areas at no extra cost to exhibitors. The cleaning of the stores will be carried out by the exhibitor, for this, we will send you quotes from the companies interested in doing this service so that you can hire them directly.

 ART. 14. MEDICAL SERVICES. A medical services unit will be available on the premises for the duration of the fair.

 ART. 15. LOADING AND UNLOADING AREA. The Organising Committee will provide an area within the exhibition grounds to facilitate loading and unloading of equipment and other items from trucks and lorries.

 ART. 16. LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM. A PA system installed throughout the exhibition area will provide timely information of activities and events for exhibitors and visitors.

 ART. 17. BUSINESS AND CONFERENCE ROOMS. Furnished and fully equipped private business and conference rooms will be available to exhibitors for negotiating sales or contracts in a private setting.

 ART. 18. INFORMATION OFFICE. Asturforesta has permanent offices open before and after the exhibition, where exhibitors and visitors can request any information they may require. Office hours are 08:00 to 15:00, Monday to Friday. For the duration of the fair, this office will be located within the exhibition grounds, with opening times of 09:00 to 20:00.


Polígono Industrial de La Curiscada

Teléfono: +34 985 801 976
Fax:    +34 985 801 694

ART. 19. ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES. In addition to regular fair activities and in order to add interest for visitors, complementary activities such as competitions, talks, conferences, debates, round tables, etc. will be organised. Any exhibitor wishing to organise video sessions or conferences relating to their activities must notify the Organising Committee before 12 April 2019, and send a written account of the proposed session to the offices of the Organising Committee by the said date.